Breaking the Communication Barrier

We were created to offer medical American Sign Language (ASL) utilizing unique material in an inspiring and motivating environment. After extensive research, we strive to provide more specific and result-oriented training to boost the confidence and skills of medical interpreters and non-signers. We pay keen attention to detail and provide all students with helpful resources that sets our business apart.

We realized the need for a better way for students and people to interact with the deaf community without limitations due to the communication barrier. We believe that our live classes can reduce such restrictions in and around the hospital, immensely helping the deaf and medical communities resolve issues.

Our Mission

Our goal is to fill in the gap caused by a lack of immersion in the American Sign Language. We discovered that true ASL immersion was the missing link! So, we launched our company to connect ASL learners to deaf communities through authentic learning interactions, offering students a unique opportunity to communicate one-on-one with them.

We are committed to making ASL available to all. Our training is not confined to the deaf community but can also apply to the hearing communities. For instance, improving their receptive skills such as reading body language or hearing patients who may not be able to communicate, but are using gestures, could help save a life.

We strongly believe in spending sufficient time, along with quality time, which matters more to us. It makes us focus on our clients, students, and the general public, providing them with the training and learning they require and the ongoing desire and passion for continually learning American Sign Language.