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Welcome to the ASL Kid class! This class will help you start learning how to communicate in a whole new way using your hands. The games and activities will help you improve your signing in fun, unique ways. The activities will be included, drawing, practice exercises, jeopardy, taboo, and plus more games, pear deck (interactive online activities), and interactive through zoom. The activities are designed to improve your memory of the signs you learned and will help you build fluency so that you feel comfortable and confident communicating with sign language.

Upcoming Schedule
Saturdays, June 5-July 24, 2021
Saturdays, July 31-Sept 18, 2021
Saturdays, Sept 25-Nov 13, 2021
Saturdays, Nov 20-Jan 22, 2021
(Holidays- 2 classes canceled Nov 27 and Dec 25)