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ASLExperts offers completely live, interactive, online classes. Classes include games, to increase interaction between all participants and have fun! All classes are full immersion to increase memory and retention. My philosophy is that it is best to have an interpreter and I work with you in a real practice setting.

At ASLExperts, we understand that students have busy schedules. Our classes are flexible, and you can choose your schedule to avoid schedule conflicts and added stress.

This course is not a workshop where you learn over 8 hours in one day. This course is structured like a college course, giving you time to review and practice the information learned before the next topic is covered. With this course, you will gain knowledge and be successful in your interpreter field! Our goal is to help interpreters gain confidence, provide support and continued practice for those already working in a medical setting, encourage interpreters to take more jobs at hospitals, and increase the number of available interpreters for Deaf patients.

The course is very interactive, relying on the use of role play, activities, and group exercises. We will use PearDeck during the class so you will need a cell phone or tablet along with your computer for this course.

Activities/strategies used in this course and how they will benefit you:
● Sign a story using vocabulary from class
o This is a great way to practice before going into real life situations at the hospital, clinic, or other medical facilities.
● Students watch me sign a story and a guest interpreter will voice the story. Students will then provide feedback about the interpreter
o Spotting errors and understanding how to fix them will make you a more effective interpreter.
● Speak It Out, Sign It Out
o When you learn new medical terminology and apply it to real life situations during class, you are more likely to retain the information and be comfortable using it.
● In-depth Classifiers
o Practicing classifiers on an in-depth level will help reduce the need to think as hard and search for individual words and improve interpreting skills.
● Sign to Voice and Voice to Sign
o Students will improve their skills based on their responses to the videos and live interpreter session feedback.