Medical ASL Level 10


Medical ASL Level 2 is the last of ten courses that will allow you to advance to the Advanced level. This course is specifically designed for medical interpreting students, medical/health profession students, and medical professionals who have basic ASL knowledge and/or have previously studied ASL, as well as having completed the Medical ASL Level 1 course or an equivalent. Students interested in taking this course should have Novice level proficiency, including grammar structure and basic vocabulary, as well as be interested in understanding the Deaf culture from the perspective of a healthcare professional.

Students will develop communicative proficiency and accuracy in using American Sign Language in the medical setting. This will improve the student’s ability to mediate a conversation between healthcare professionals, interpreters, and Deaf patients.

The course is very interactive, relaying on the use of role play, activities, and group exercises. We will use PearDeck during the class so you will need a cellphone or tablet along with your computer for this course.
Medical ASL Level 10 covers:

  • Biomedical Vocabulary
  • Mental Health
  • The Special Senses
  • Heredity
  • Drug Use
  • Sexual Behavior
  • ASL to English Translation
  • English to ASL Translation
  • Types of Prefixes & Suffixes
  • Real Life Scenarios
  • Greek and Latin Root Words
  • Chapter 5 of the Medical Interpreter Book Tips


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